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PUME is an all natural aphrodisiac designed to enhance your sexual experience using specific cannabis extracts and Coconut oil. Studies have shown the cannabinoid (CBD) to be a natural painkiller, mood enhancer, and anti-inflammatory. For women who experience pain with sex associated with dryness or friction, or men who are encountering issues with erectile dysfunction or sustaining an erection, this silky smooth potion is made for you. Coconut oil has a similar PH to the delicate constitution of female anatomy and with NO psychoactivity, together they create a product you can feel safe taking to the bedroom with you.

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It feels like I am doing my body and sex life a favor when I use this all natural product.  The restorative properties of the fractionated coconut oil base and the healing quality of CBD combine to make a killer game changer in the bedroom. Thank you PUME for creating a product that I never knew my sex life always needed.  Let the intimacy commence!


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