PUME’s story: 

I am a Licensed Cannabis Caregiver and was treating a very sick client dying of cancer.  She had been through a vigorous series of chemotherapy and radiation only to face the end of her life looking for comfort and pain relief from her old friend, Marijuana.  Because she was on oxygen, she could not smoke it.  Because she could not keep food down, she could not eat it.  Topical preparations did very little for her in the way of her intense pain and state of mind. 

I had heard of using suppositories as a delivery method for medical cannabis and so I started researching the ways to prepare them, the contraindications, the bioavailability and the strains or dosage needed to give her comfort.  I found myself in a sea of information, wading through articles on marijuana as an aphrodisiac, DIY lubrication sites and more accounts of how great and beneficial it was for women and improvement of their orgasm and ease of pain, that my idea factory was going off like a fire alarm. 

So there I was, handing her daughter the product I had made and I confessed; this is actually a sex lube turned medicine. Eyebrows shot up, questions were asked, laughter was off the charts and more was ordered.  For her… and her daughter.  And then a few other women clients.  And then a few homosexual clients.  And then a client with horrific menstrual cramps, and another with hemorrhoids and another with terrible arthritis that kept her from sleeping.  I had friends start asking me about this curious menu item as well as other cannabis caregivers looking to add this product to their own menu’s.  The more I researched it and made it for different clients with different issues, I found there was a common denominator no matter how I made it or what it was for; it could be used as a sex lubricant. 

A week before a medical marijuana convention, I decided to change my caregiving booth I had rented into my PUME oil booth to see the type of reception it received and who may actually be interested in a product like this.  To conclude, I had no choice after that convention other than to move forward with this idea and start producing a product specifically designed to enhance the sex life of many, many people.